How to Choose an Umbrella

Neorna Outdoor as a professional manufacturer, tech you how to choose an umbrella, can help you buy good umbrella, more umbrella chioces on Neorna as well.

  • Parasol, Rain Umbrella

The main difference between parasols and umbrellas is in function:

  • The main function of the parasol is to protect against UV rays, sun protection and skin health;
  • The main function of the umbrella is to resist wind and rain;

Tip: When buying a sun umbrella, be sure to ask if the sun umbrella that the seller wants to buy can be an umbrella. If it rains, it will leak rain. This beauty should be noticed.

  • UPF Value

The UPF value is the value of the UV Protection Factor. As with sunscreen purchases, pay attention to the UPF value of the umbrella when purchasing a parasol. When the UPF is greater than 30, it can be called UV protection product, and the protection grade standard is “UPF30+”. If you are in the South, UPF>50 parasols can be your secret to whitening; if you are in the North, UPF>45 parasols are also very good.

Tip: UPF value is enough for this thing, don’t just listen to the seller. In addition, buy a high UPF umbrella is best to let the seller show the next inspection report, especially online shopping, to prevent spending money.

  • Black coating, Silver coating, Nano

Nowadays, the umbrellas on the market have been mostly made of black glue. Compared with black coating, silver coating has the disadvantage of easy falling off and sunscreen effect (UPF>30), and the good quality of black coating can reach almost 0, inferior vinyl coating may contain carcinogens, causing harm to the body. The principle of nano-coating is to reflect the ultraviolet rays by applying a half wavelength of ultraviolet rays on the umbrella.

Another point is that the current black coating umbrella is divided into two kinds of inside and outside. It is considered that the internal black coating will be better. The black coating inner will better protect the black coating. Secondly, everyone knows that black is the easiest to absorb heat. If the vinyl on the outside is used, it will increase the external temperature of the umbrella.

Tip: The key to UV protection is nano-coating. Black rubber only has a light-shielding effect. For the purchase alone, Outerside Nano & Inner Black Coating > Outside Black Coating & Inner Nano > Nano Coating > Silver Coating.

  • Single Layer, Double Layers

For parasols and umbrellas, the double-sided umbrella’s shading effect and cooling effect are better than single-layer umbrellas, and the two sides of the cloth are definitely better than the single-layer cloth. However, please note that as mentioned above, UV protection relies mainly on nano-coating, and the double layer only enhances the effect of blocking sunlight.

In addition, there is also a double-layer insulated umbrella with hidden ribs on the market, and an empty drum is formed between the double layers, which can create a greater degree of heat insulation effect and bring better heat insulation effect.

Tip: Double layer > single layer, the “boneless” umbrella with empty drum between the double layers is better, but not necessarily bought.

  • How to Identify Good Rob

The rib is the core component of the umbrella, and the main cost of the umbrella is the rob. Anti-rust, light, firm, and smooth push-pull are the main indicators of the rob.

As far as materials are concerned, the best material should be carbon fiber, light and strong, but the price is the highest, not umbrella control, or not recommended, after all, the price is too high; followed by aluminum alloy, which is also the most popular one on the market, but Aluminum alloys are also good or bad.

In addition, the umbrella frame consists of two parts: the middle pole and the bracket. The more the cross section of the middle rod is, the better. The pentagon is definitely better than the circular shape. The hexagon is definitely better than the pentagon. The more the side, the stronger. Now on the market. There are already ten-pointed tubes. The middle pole has a single layer and a double layer, and the double layer means that there is a layer inside.

If you are a bracket, look at the work of the parts, and look at the actual ones.

Tip: The umbrella frame material, the best is carbon fiber (true carbon fiber is very expensive, the price is definitely false), the mainstream is aluminum alloy, but the aluminum alloy is good or bad. In the middle section of the rod, the more the side, the better, the double casing is better than the single layer.

  • Recommand some Brand of our customer

  • Swaine Adeney Brigg

Founded in 1750, it has always been a supplier of umbrellas for the British royal family. Its masterpiece is an umbrella made of Malacca white vines with umbrella handles. Others include umbrellas made of oak, ebony, cherry, walnut and other materials. Starting at £285, this is just a nylon umbrella. For a silk umbrella, you need to add another 330 pounds. You can also add 60 pounds to your own initials. For full bespoke, the cost is extra. Large size, special materials (such as gold and silver or crocodile skin) or handles of the shape.

  • James Smith & Son

James Smith & Son has been a top umbrella manufacturer since 1830. Unlike Swaine Adeney Brigg, which is dedicated to the manufacture of top umbrellas, it has not been involved in other products. And because only umbrellas, the scale is relatively large (only for the British umbrella world), the full range, from full custom to ordinary folding umbrellas have been all kinds of canes.

  • Pickett

Pickett’s umbrella is very delicate and beautiful, and the style is similar to the Swaine Adeney Brigg umbrella. Pickett’s variety is also quite large, but not as big and full as James Smith & Son. He does not have the handles of various shapes of woodcarving animals, mostly made of simple, elegant bamboo handles with metal tubes or beautiful wood. But the sturdiness and durability are not inferior. Each of Pickett’s umbrellas will undergo a 27-mile wind test every hour before leaving the factory to withstand the rain and demon that often ravages Britain in the future.

  • Francesco Maglia

Francesco Maglia is an Italian family-owned small business that was founded very early. In 1853, the workshop was currently in Milan. Francesco Maglia is completely handmade and is said to have 70 processes. Francesco Maglia’s umbrella wood is more abundant than the average British umbrella. There are also more umbrella materials. They even use fabrics made of cotton, silk and wool. In addition, the color of the umbrella surface is also very rich and fancy.

  • Kobold

Kobold was founded in Germany in 1855. The main components of the umbrella have been treated with DuPont anti-rust treatment. The rob, umbrella cloth and the push-pull ring for the umbrella are unique. There are a lot of patents, all kinds of black technology: invisible umbrella The double-layer insulated umbrella of the bone, the umbrella stand that resists the wind of 12, the high-density fiber umbrella cloth that is dry, the middle tube that never rusts… Kobold is also the designated umbrella for the F1 race referee, the all-star golf ball. The team specified an umbrella as a century-old brand.